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Testimonials..."What our customers say about us"

Fabrication Superintendent Inovyn

Once again an excellent response by Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd reflecting the superb service given to RES and indeed the rest of the site

Senior production planner/estimator for a large chemical company in NW England

Why use Yorkshire Rubber Lining company at all?
It's a fair question when we know of other companies who are cheaper and geographically closer but the answer is very simple - service

If you want a cheap looking job done to no particular standard with scant regard for quality then look elsewhere.

From my own experiences , having used the services that Y.R.L  have to offer over many years , I would fully recommend them to anyone. The company not only produce a quality finished item but it's also about the way they go about their business ,friendly ,professionally and with minimal fuss. From the first contact to receipt of an invoice you feel like they really want your business and want to engage with you to give the best service in the best time scale and at the best price. This may sound a bit OTT but I appreciate things being kept simple but effective and Y.R.L  have always shone through making my work that little bit less pressured. Their staff have a friendly can do attitude and when asked ,have been very flexible to changing things around at short notice. ( I'm sure that they must hated me on some occasions but have never shown it) I have to rely on companies to give me what I want and when I want it without the need to keep an eye on them checking that they are doing what they say they will do and when they say they will do it. With YRL I don't need to check .... it just gets done!

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