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Workshop Capabilities


Yorkshire Rubbers Linings Ltd' facility is located in the heart of West Yorkshire and within 2.5 miles from the M62 and the M1. Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd is one of the few rubber lining and coating workshops in UK with a facility that can process large equipment. With over 20,000 square feet of lining and coating space, a 15ft 8" wide x 8ft 10" high x 22ft long abrasive blasting booth, 2310mm wide x 2300 high x 6300mm long pyrolysis oven and a large outside storage area. Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd can handle customers goods both large and small. We also have a range of steam autoclaves at our facility enabling us to handle various vulcanizing requirements: see drawing on left for autoclave sizes.


Autoclave Capabilities

                           A                 B           Length

Autoclave 1      2515mm       3048mm    6800mm  

Autoclave 2      1930mm       2286mm    6096mm

Autoclave 3      1255mm       1500mm    4400mm

Autoclave transparant.gif

Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd specializes in lining and coating vessels, tanks, pipe, pumps, and other process equipment that requires varius grades of rubber.


Composite and epoxy coatings can also be applied at our Spenbourgh site allowing us the ability to apply a wide variety of materials to the interior and exteria of assorted vessels, pipe spool, pumps and valves.

Aproved Applicators

Workshop maintenance and repairs involve many varying linings and coatings, Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd are approved applicators for LINATEX, Resimac and Belzona.

Resimax transparant.png
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