Our field services include:

Field fabrications

Repairs and modifications

24 hour emergency response services

Linings and coatings (FRP and Rubber)


Spark testing

Preventative maintenance

Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd has vast knowledge of experience installing and applying protective coatings and linings in the field. We commonly carry out repairs at facilities such as nuclear and conventional power plants, chemical process plants, municipal water treatment facilities, oil fields, mines and other locations. With ageing infrastructure, refurbishment of existing equipment is our most common challenge in the field. Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd provides unique solutions to keep ageing equipment in service.
Site Service Team


Approved Applicators

On site maintenance and repairs involve many varying linings and coatings, Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd are approved applicators for Wier Linatex, Resimac and Belzona.

Resimax transparant.png
elgin platform Mark preston.jpg
elgin platform Mark preston.jpg

Repair carried out to storage tank at Hull Docks

Repair carried out to leaking pipe systems on a 50 foot gantry at Manchester chemical processing plant. Pipe system was repaired within one working day using Resimac products.

elgin platform Mark preston.jpg
elgin platform Mark preston.jpg