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27th January YRL took delivery of two large Sea Water Clarifiers, the units will be lined in sea water neoprene rubber for one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of above and below ground fuel storage tanks and pressure vessels

6th February 2015, Shotblast process begins on the large sections, this takes around two to three days to completely blast the steel to a SA standard ready for the adhesive coat to be applied.

9th February 2015, First of the units is shotblasted and inspected ready for the achieve coat to be applied, this photo show the two Yorkshire Rubber linings Ltd operatives applying the adhesive the shotblasted steel prior to the application of the rubber lining.

10th February 2015. After leaving the adhesive dry overnight the application of the rubber lining starts. The clarifier is lined in 3mm seawater grade neoprene rubber.

2nd March Final inspection of tanks are carried out after vulcanization ready for despatch back to customer.

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