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Rollers, drums, pulleys and wheels can be rubber covered with a high quality compound from our range of natural, synthetic, silicone or polyurethane polymers.


Our experience can match your particular application with the correct type of rubber, hardness and finish that will give you the optimum performance.


When your situation demands a new roller or drum, or when refurbishment is not appropriate, let Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd quote you for the complete supply of a newly manufactured unit with a rubber covering to suit its duty.




Profiles are machined using state of the art equipment. Sophisticated software ensures a profile with an unrivalled degree of accuracy.


Our services includes stripping and replacing of worn coverings within a time-frame designed to minimise your plant's downtime.




Refurbishement also helps to keep costs down by extending the life-span of your roller and drum metals.


Should you require any technical information regarding roller or drum covering please do not hesitate to contact our technical department.

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