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Yorkshire Rubber Linings

Pyrolysis is the precursor to gasification, and takes place as part of both gasification and combustion. It consists of thermal decomposition in the absence of oxygen. It is essentially based on a long established process, being the basis of charcoal burning.


This technology allows you to remove linings and coatings from valuable internal metals used in rubber moulding.


Pyrolysis control also allows you with controlled temperatures to clean metals removing any carbon and material build up from expensive production items.


Using pyrolysis control to reclaim existing lined or coated equipment saves you the cost cost of fully replacing your equipment while also saving on expensive de-commissioning and contaminated waste disposal.


Equipment that is no longer fit for purpose or can no longer be reclaimed. Placing such items into landfill is both expensive and is also bad for the environment. Yorkshire Rubber Linings can collect decommissioned plant, safely remove old linings and coatings via pyrolysis control without harming the environment while also safely cleaning the metals so that they can be recycled.


Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd Providing Solutions For Reclamation of Valuables via Pyrolysis Control

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