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Yorkshire Rubber Linings Ltd provide coatings solutions and repair systems designed to meet requirements in a diverse range of industries.


These include: Marine, Power, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Nuclear, Mining, Minerals, Processing, Water Treatment,  Pharmaceutical, Food Processing and many Manufacturing and Engineering Industries.


We can appply the following composite coatings: Ceramic Coatings, Epoxy Resin Screed Coatings, Glass Flake, Polyurethane, SeaShiled Petrolatum systems, Concrete Coatings, Epoxy Paint Systems for both industrial and Marine.


Yorkshire Rubber linings Ltd can also apply Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic, (GRP), Coatings & Products.



YRL are approved applicators for:






Tech International

Sherwin Whilliams Ltd

Chemco International Ltd




We can also provide a range of industrial protection and repair products and systems for soft rubber, Ebonite, metal, concreate and ceramic


Should you require any technical information regarding comosite coatings please do not hesitate to contact our technical department.

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