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With recent legislation insisting that bunds must now be in good repair, of adequate size and completely watertight.


Each Industrial bund lining project is assessed on its individual needs depending on the primary containment, overall condition, and location.


Our linings and coatings are applied to new or existing bund walls and floors using a spray or brush system.


All our lining systems create completely seamless membranes: sealed environments that are oil and water tight containing any potential diesel, fuel, chemical or oil leaks or spillages within the bund. Refurbishing your bund with our protective linings is the long term cost effective guaranteed solution satisfying you and the environment.


YRL are approved applicators for:






Manor Coatings

International paints

New Guard Coatings

Sherwin Whilliams Ltd

Chemco International Ltd




Bund Inspections. Our inspectors have decades of experience within the industry and are experts in their field. We provide detailed reports with recommendations for the future use of any inspected bund.


Should you require any technical information regarding bund systems please do not hesitate to contact our technical department.

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