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Road tanker arrives at Yorkshire rubber linings Ltd February 2014. An urgent lead time is required by the customer so no time is wasted placing the tanker into our production plan.

The old rubber lining was removed by water jet cutting. The next stage in the process to shotblast the tanker, like the water jet cutting safety is paramount and extra safety precautions have to be put into place prior to any entry into the confined space. Once the Tanker is blasted an inspection takes place to ensure that the profile is SA2.5 or above prior to rubber lining.

This image shows rubber engineers applying the 6mm Drab natural rubber.

Due to the Drab colour extra care is taken not to mark the rubber, in order to do this clean plastic is laid on the floor of the tanker.

This photo show the completed tanker ready for dispatch after undergoing its final inspection. The full strip and reline of this tanker took only 21 days to complete.

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