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December 3rd 2014 Crystalliser Centrifuge Feed Tank is collected from Potash Mine and dried out overnight ready for processing at our Spenborough work. Due the coastal environment a bresle test (salt test) is carried out prior to shotblasting

December 4th 2014 after the completion of the bresle test the vessel is then shotblasted to SA 2.5 ready for application of the bonding agent.

December 4th 2014 once the shoblasting has been completed it is then inspected and passed off by our quality team ready for priming (bonding agent) this photo show one of our operatives applying the bonding system.

After the application of the bonding agents the rubber lining process begins, this photos shows one of our senior skilled workers stitching the seams on the rubber lined surfaces.

Spark testing of rubber lined vessel

Spark testing of rubber lined vessel

The rubber lining of the vessel is completed on the 12th December 2014, a full 100% spark test is carried out pre vulcanisation. Vessel is vulcanised on the same day, once this process is completed the vessel then undergoes a final inspection (as seen in photo) this once gain includes a full 100% Spark test, a hardness test and a visual inspection. This the vessel was then shotblasted on the external surface ready for the external three coat epoxy paint system to be applied.

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