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Yorkshire rubber Linings Ltd can carry out full inspections and repairs to your road tankers and equipment, repairs can be carried on our site at Spenborough Works or carried out at on a site of your choice subject to the type of repair required.


We can also offer an option to fully refurbish existing rubber lined tankers at our SpenboroughWorks, this offers you a lower cost option to buying new or used tankers.


Inspection carried out by our highly trained inspectors include a full visual, hardness, thickness and spark test, this is followed up by a full; detailed report that includes recommendations for any repairs that require attention.


Inspections can be carried out on site at your premises or at our site.


Inspected tankers that require repairs can be repaired on site at our SpenboroughWorks depending on the number of repairs required. We can carry out inspection and repairs on both Rubber and glass lined tankers.




If a tanker is beyond repairs and has come to the end of its working duty Yorkshire Rubber linings can carry out a full refurbish of your road tanker.


This includes the removal of the old lining via water jet stripping prior to the shotblastingof the tanker ready for the new rubber lining to be applied. Full refurbishment of the road tanker can only be carried out at our works and not on site.



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